Data Recovery

We specialise in data recovery from hard drives, RAID arrays, camera cards and USB keys, and other media.

Please contact us for detailed information on your data recovery needs, and we will be happy to provide advice.

For critical failures of RAID arrays and hard drives, we offer an Express Service where possible – please contact us for further information.

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or phone us any time on 01223 900400 – lines open 24/7 and calls charged at local rate within the UK.

Data Recovery

Data recovery costs

In cases where non-intrusive techniques can be used to recover your data from a hard drive, the cost for recovery is typically £225 to £375 depending on the work required.  Where physical failure has occurred, and the hard drive needs to be worked on in a cleanroom, typical costs are in the region of £600 to £700 for hard drives, or £650-800 for SSDs. These prices are only charged if the recovery is successful.

In all cases we will provide a quote for recovery so that you know the price before you commit to it. We will always keep you informed of the charges which will be incurred in a recovery, so that you can choose whether or not to proceed with the recovery at the quoted price.

Camera card recovery

We charge £60 to £90 for recovery of photos from camera cards where we do not need to perform physical recovery on the card. In cases where we need to take the card apart and remove the memory chip in order to perform recovery, we will contact you before proceeding as the cost in these cases is significantly higher.

Priority hard drive recovery

We also offer an express recovery service, where we will prioritise the recovery at all stages, and aim to recover the critical data within 24 hours of receiving the drive.  Costs for priority recovery are typically between £600 to £1200 for a single hard drive recovery – please contact us for more details if this service is required.

Returning your data

Recovered data will be transferred onto a set of DVDs, or onto a new hard drive, in order to return it to you.  We can either supply an internal or external hard drive, or can copy onto a hard drive which you provide.

For more information, or to request data recovery services or quotations, please email us at or call us on 01223 900400.

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