Dropbox for critical documents

We recommend keeping at least 3 copies of critical documents, at least one of which should be physically removed from the others. One way to achieve this is via an online backup service such as Dropbox.

I personally use Dropbox, because it performs two important tasks. Firstly, it automatically synchronises files between multiple PCs, while also keeping a copy in the cloud. This means that with 2 computers on dropbox, you automatically have 3 copies of the information.

Secondly, for vital files and folders, this enables the current versions to be accessed from multiple locations, including via your smartphone, so it is easy to pick up from home where you left off in the office.

The beauty of Dropbox is that it happens automatically so that even if you are behind with your backups, then at least your critical files will be backed up.

The free version of Dropbox provides 2Gb of storage, but this can be increased to 2.5Gb by signing up via this referral link: Dropbox. There are also other ways to further increase the amount of storage. This is typically not enough for a photo collection, but may well suffice for all your accounting documents, family history files, or other irreplaceable information.