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Why Choose Cambridge Data Recovery?

We are actually based in Cambridge and carry out most of our recoveries locally.

We are Cambridge Data Recovery Limited, founded in 2008, and each of our data recovery staff members has over 10 years of data recovery experience.

Cambridge Data Recovery is recommended by the Computer Services Helpdesk of Cambridge University as the company to use for staff and departments of Cambridge University, and have performed many recoveries for various Cambridge University Departments

Because we are based in Cambridge, in some cases where priority recovery is required, we can obtain a very fast turnaround – for example we have received a hard drive at 4:45pm on day and returned the data to the owner by 11am the following day. (Even for priority recovery next-day recovery is not always possible but we will do what we can.)

Other companies which merely run a drop-off point in Cambridge and many other towns, while shipping all their drives to a central location, cannot ever achieve this level of speed, nor the level of responsiveness or customer satisfaction which we aim to achieve.

Cambridge Data Recovery – Our Data Recovery Promise

Cambridge Data Recovery will look at the drive and perform an initial analysis for no charge.

Our support team will keep you informed of the progress of your recovery especially if it is taking longer than expected.

Our experts are always happy to provide advice, information and support by email. We will do this before you send anything to us, while we are investigating the problem, and after you have received your data back, if you have any problems.

Cambridge Data Recovery has many testimonials from satisfied customers and it is in our interest to keep our future customers happy too.

Contact Us about your data recovery issue

Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help.

You can email us at and we will respond the same day, usually within the hour. For more details see our contact us page.

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