Camera Card Recovery

Camera Card Recovery for £60

In cases where your photos have disappeared from your camera card, or where the camera or PC fails to recognise the camera card, the photos may still be recoverable. We understand the importance of your photographs, and take all possible steps to ensure that your images are returned to you, without suffering any further risk of data loss.

In many cases we can recovery the photos/video from the camera card within 1-2 days without taking the card apart, and the cost in these cases is typically £60 (slightly more for very large cards 16Gb and above).

Blank Camera Card or Missing Photos

In most cases, photos which seem to have disappeared completely are recoverable.  For example, where the camera card appears to be completely blank, or where it shows some photos, but other photos have simply disappeared, the photos are likely to still be physically present on the card, and it is possible for us to recover them.

Sometimes you may see nonsense characters and odd symbols showing when you view the folders or files on the card.  This looks very bad, but actually it is still likely that most of the photos are still OK, and it is only the directory listing that is damaged.  However, we do sometimes see cases where some or even all of the photos on the camera card are also corrupted, so we can never really be certain until we have checked the card and determined what can be recovered.

Camera Card Not Recognised or Card Error

Sometimes the camera will produce a message saying “card error” or similar, or you will find that if you insert the card into the computer’s camera card reader the card does not show up at all.  In these cases it may still be possible for us to recover the photos from the camera card without opening it up.   Sometimes it may be that part of the memory is inaccessible but we can still recover almost all the photos in this way.  However, it is sometimes the case that the card simply does not respond to any attempt to recover photos from it, and in these cases, our only route to recovery is to physically open up the card, remove the memory chip, and attempt to recover the data from this.

Physical Camera Card Recovery

Where we need to take the card apart and read data directly from the chip, this is a much more difficult and time consuming task, so the costs are higher, and we always check with you before proceeding with this type of recovery owing to the higher price.  But in any case there is no commitment on your part to proceed until we have indicated the cost, and the level of success.  For more details see our article: New Techniques for Camera Card Recovery.

Camera Card Recovery Guarantee

Whatever method we use for camera card recovery, we only charge the full fees if recovery is possible, and if you are happy to proceed once we have indicated the number of photos recovered from the camera card, and if necessary provided thumbnail images of the photos recovered from the card.  If you do not wish to proceed, or if we fail to recover the photos, we just charge £10 for the attempt, and will of course return your card if required.