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Moving to a larger hard drive

There are various reasons you might wish to replace your hard drive with a larger one. You might be running out of space on your drive, and in the case of a laptop you almost certainly don’t have the ability to add a second drive. Or you might be getting signs that your old drive […]

Dropbox for critical documents

We recommend keeping at least 3 copies of critical documents, at least one of which should be physically removed from the others. One way to achieve this is via an online backup service such as Dropbox. I personally use Dropbox, because it performs two important tasks. Firstly, it automatically synchronises files between multiple PCs, while […]

SMS Backup on Android Phones

There is an issue with all the stored SMS messages spontaneously disappearing on some Android phones such as the HTC Desire. I recommend SMS Backup+ available for free on Android Marketplace, for automatically backing up your SMS messages up to GMail. It creates a label “SMS” which contains all your messages, including MMS, and allows […]

Implementing a Backup Strategy

As a data recovery professional I should know more than anyone the importance of backing up files. But I am now going to make an admission: as I write this, neither my personal laptop at home, nor any of my family’s computers, are adequately backed up. Why on earth did I allow this to happen? […]

Backing up to an external hard drive

Hard drives should normally form the main part of your backup strategy, as it is easy to make backups every day, or every few days, onto your backup drive, and keep the backup up to date. Many different backup programs are available, either commercial software for as little as £20 or £30, or some highly […]

Choice of DVD/CD backup media for long term storage

If you also need to archive onto optical discs, I recommend using Taiyo Yuden DVD+Rs, or Taiyo Yuden manufactured JVC DVD+Rs.