Hard Drive Recovery

Our goal is to provide data retrieval services of the highest quality, at prices that are affordable. We believe our hard drive recovery service is second to none – even where the hard drive has failed mechanically, we can recover the data in 90% of cases.

The fee we charge for recovery depends on whether mechanical procedures in our cleanroom are required, but we will always investigate the hard drive and provide a firm quote before proceeding. However, if we are able to process the hard drive without use of our cleanroom, the charges in the table below will apply. These charges are all-inclusive, so the price quoted is the price you pay.

Even in cases where the hard drive is not recognised by the BIOS, data can usually be retrieved.

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If we are unable to recover any files, we will charge a flat fee of just £30 to cover analysis and return of the hard drive.

Hard drive recovery costs

In cases where non-intrusive techniques can be used to recover your data, the cost for recovery is typically £250 to £350 depending on the work required.  Where physical failure has occurred, and the hard drive needs to be worked on in a cleanroom, typical costs are in the region of £525 to £625.  In all cases we will provide a quote for recovery so that you know the price before you commit to it. We will always keep you informed of the charges which will be incurred in a recovery, so that you can choose whether or not to proceed with the recovery at the quoted price.

Priority hard drive recovery

We also offer an express recovery service, where we will prioritise the recovery at all stages, and aim to recover the critical data within 24 hours of receiving the drive.  Costs for priority recovery are typically between £600 and £1100 for a single hard drive recovery – please contact us for more details if this service is required.

Returning your data

Recovered data will be transferred onto a set of DVDs, or onto a new hard drive, in order to return it to you.  We can either supply an internal or external hard drive, or can copy onto a hard drive which you provide.

Cleanroom procedures

Cleanroom work may involve repairing the hard drive, replacing the head assembly, swapping the platters to a new hard drive, or other procedures.  In most cases we can perform this work within 4 working days, but various factors may increase this time substantially.  In particular, if we do not have parts in stock, or if the hard drive has many bad sectors, recoveries can take significantly longer.

Payment methods

Payment can be made by bank transfer, cheque, or PayPal.

For more information, or to request data recovery services or quotations, please email us at info@cambridgedatarecovery.co.uk or call us on 01223 900400.

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