iPod Recovery and mp3 recovery

iPods and other mp3 players can fail without warning, and the capacities of these devices often mean that the loss of the music is very significant. We can recover the data from iPods and mp3 players so that you do not lose your music.

Larger iPods and some large capacity mp3 players (e.g. the Creative Zen Nomad) are hard drive based. These devices contain a laptop hard drive, which may be either a standard 2.5 inch laptop drive, or an ultra-small 1.8 inch hard drive. The hard drive in these devices is often connected via a zif connector, which looks like a ribbon cable going straight into the hard drive. These zif hard drives need care to remove, so we would recommend you seek advice on the correct way to unplug the cable if you plan to remove the hard drive and send it to us for recovery. Alternatively, you can send us the entire mp3 player or iPod if you wish us to perform recovery.

Most mp3 players are not hard drive based, but instead contain flash memory, which may be in the form of a memory card such as a micro-SD card, or may be built in to the player itself. In either case, if the mp3 player fails, there is a good chance we can recover the data, either by accessing the card, or where necessary by removing the memory chip from the card or player and reading the music files from the memory chip itself.

The same principles apply to recover of music from mobile phones – usually the data is stored on a removable memory card such as a micro-SDHC. However, it is often the case the mobile phones also contain photos and other data. In these cases, if you need the data to be recovered, the more information you can give us about the data on the card – music, photos, videos, other files – the better.

Please ask us if you need any further information about recovery of music from damaged iPods or other mp3 players.