Partition Recovery on Hard Drive

In some cases partitions on a hard drive can become corrupted or disappear. It may be that one partition still appears to be fully functional and can be accessed as normal, while another partition either totally disappears, or becomes corrupted so that the files and folders are either not visible, or may be visible but not accessible. Or you may find that all partitions on a hard drive disappear or become corrupted at the same time.

Where partition problems occur, there is a good chance that recovery may be possible without having to physically open up the drive. The problems may arise from corruption of the partition data, or from bad sectors on the drive. In either case, we can attempt to recover the damaged partitions, and transfer all the recovered data onto a new drive. The costs for this type of recovery are significantly lower than for cases where we need to work on the hard drive in a cleanroom in order to perform the recovery.

Please contact us if you require any advice regarding partition problems, or recovery of data in the event of any of the problems described here.