RAID Server Recovery

We specialise in the recovery of all types of RAID array.  For our standard service we aim to obtain the diagnosis on a failed RAID array within 3 working days (it will generally take a few days longer to transfer the data back to you).

Costs are generally dependent on the number of drives which must be repaired in order to retrieve the data, and the complexity of re-constructing the RAID array.  In some cases, such as RAID-1 where the data is mirrored, the cost is likely to be the same as for single hard drive recovery since either drive may be recovered in order to obtain the full original data.  However, for more complex RAID arrangements such as RAID-5, the cost is likely to increase broadly in line with the number of drives involved in the RAID array – a rough guideline for such cases would be £550 per hard drive, but the cost for RAID recoveries depends on the complexity and can be higher than this especially in RAID-5 systems. We will give you a guideline estimate if you contact us with the details, and will then provide a firm quote for the recovery once we have completed the diagnostics.

As with all our recoveries, these prices are only charged where the recovery is successful.  If the data cannot be recovered we charge a flat fee of £30 per hard drive.

Please contact us if you wish to discuss pricing of a particular RAID configuration, or if you require priority recovery of a RAID array or RAID server.

When shipping RAID devices to us, we recommend that you include the RAID controller along with the drives.  The data can be recovered without this, but it can expedite the recovery process. If in any doubt please drop us an email with the details and we will get back to you quickly.